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VERSATEX Trimboard; Trim is how it all started

Trim and Corner

At VERSATEX, we are totally dedicated to cellular PVC trim and we're leaders in innovation, quality and technical assistance in our category. For you, that translates to thickness tolerances that are half the industry norm and the continued development of revolutionary products.  VERSATEX uses innovative extrusion technology to control sheet thickness tolerances of +/- 1/32”. The result is a more consistent sheet providing builders and fabricators high yields, less scrap, and a higher quality finished product.  (from as thin as 1/4” to a full 1 1/2”.)  We offer two finishes, Smooth Matte and Timber Ridge. Our PVC trimboards can be ordered either Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Timber Ridge. Our PVC trim is cut with a proprietary system to keep the edges clean and dimensionally accurate with true 90° angles.

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