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About JennAir

Defying physics with the invention of downdraft ventilation, Lou Jenn forged the path to an open concept and changed the kitchen forever.  Founded in that progress, JennAir fearlessly carries his torch — hell-bent on burning down the tired conventions of luxury. JennAir crafts  distinctive luxury kitchen appliances that push form and function to transform spaces. With provocative design, disruptive progress, masterful  execution, JennAir offerings are powerful, yet bespoke to individual tastes, shattering norms to deliver the progress that today’s luxury consumer deserves. To speak with a concierge at the JennAir Epicenter or learn more about the new offerings from JennAir, please visit or join us on,, and


Kitchen Project

In maintaining our bold design, we have collaborated to offer a mix of the Rise expression and the contemporary aspect. In opening up the kitchen and using a commercial gas range and induction cooktop in adjoining parts of the kitchen we have transformed the traditional one fuel use into a multifaceted means of cooking. In the designer aspect the Rise expression offers brass burner and convection fans, as well as brass bezels to set the style and add contrast.


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