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Exterior Model Remodel Reston Virginia


Located in Reston, Va., about 30 minutes outside the Nation’s Capital, this year’s Model ReModel is a single-family house built in 1969. The home is situated near the original planned community of historic Reston and Lake Anne. The town itself was the vision of Robert E. Simon–and was named after him–founded on the principle that it should be the perfect place for all in the community to “live, work and play."

Bought from the original owner, the home was much loved, but it is ready for its new owners to make it their own and will include a complete remodel on all four levels. In an interesting twist, the home is both owned and will be remodeled by Mina and Mark Fies, the owners of Synergy Design & Construction. Their company focuses on interior residential remodeling including kitchens, bathrooms, basements and whole homes in Northern Va. This remodel will lean on all of their expertise and includes a completely refreshed exterior, expanding and completely renovating the kitchen and two and half bathrooms, replacing the stairs, flooring, all windows, doors, trim, hardware and furniture.

This year marks the seventh year of Pro Remodeler’s program covering the start-to-finish of a home remodel. Keep up to date and follow along with the transformation on the Project Updates page, watch a “How to” video or join in the conversation on social media!

The ReModelers

Synergy Design & Construction

Mark&MinaStarting a home renovation company at the height of a recession isn’t advice that husband-and-wife team Mark and Mina Fies would give to others, but that’s exactly what they did in 2008. They knew they had the determination to make it happen, but also knew they needed more than that. They asked the question, “How are we going to be different from any other home remodeling business?” That part was simple: they needed to take the mystery out of remodeling in order to help homeowners have the best home renovation experience possible.

To accomplish this, Mark and Mina needed to adapt an innovative approach and be an industry disrupter. So, they created the Renovation Roadmap as a way to guide and include homeowners throughout the remodeling process. By providing a transparent roadmap clients could follow, and by embracing technology to keep communication clear and concise, they quickly made a name for themselves and created loyal customers who have become like family.

Now it’s their turn: Mina and Mark will be living ‘life under construction’ in their own home as they manage their own remodel, run a business together and learn how to settle into their local community... What could possibly go wrong?

Meet Mina and Mark! Watch this video and check out their social channels

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Professional Remodeler is more than a magazine, website and social media presence. It’s a vibrant conversation. One voice comes from the editors who tell the stories that remodelers need to make their business stronger and smarter. The other voice comes from the audience, 96,000 professionals in an industry that’s reshaping one of the most profound concepts of human existence: Home. The Model ReModel is part of that discussion with videos, blogs, tips and product information on a unique and wonderful project.

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