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Pro Tip: Installing Exterior Stone Veneer Inside the Home

The Model ReModel team creatively uses ProVia's latest product offering on their modern fireplace


Mark and Mina Fies were seeking a simple way to bring organic, natural elements into their primary bedroom. Criteria included a natural material that also brought a modern edge and an ease of installation, and one of ProVia's latest offerings made their decision easy.

The Model ReModel primary suite features a sitting area with a wet bar, room for two lounge chairs, and an existing fireplace. The fireplace would be the ideal area the Fies, owners of Synergy Design & Construction and homeowners, could incorporate a natural element, selecting ProVia's PrecisionFit stone veneer in the new Onyx shade.

ProVia's manufactured stone products are most commonly used on the exterior of homes, but the Fies found it to be an ideal product for refacing their fireplace.

"ProVia is really well known for their exterior stone applications, but what a lot of people don't know is that you can use that same stone in interiors as well and so we're really excited to showcase their product," says Mina.

With the company's robust offerings, the Fies found its Product Visualizer tool greatly helpful in finding the perfect stone.




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