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The New Luxury Standard

Rise Range

Shatter expectation with JennAir. Defying physics with the invention of downdraft ventilation, Lou Jenn forged the path to an open concept and changed the kitchen forever. Founded in that progress, JennAir fearlessly carries his torch — hell-bent on burning down the tired conventions of luxury. JennAir crafts distinctive luxury kitchen appliances that push form and function to transform spaces.

Free yourself from one-size-fits all luxury with two distinct design expressions, daring obsidian
interiors, adaptive units and statement pieces that transform appliances into works of art.

The 2021 Pro Model Remodel home features our Rise™ design expression. Forged in mixed metals, the Rise™ design expression features a diamond-etched handle, brushed brass knob collars, a bold badge and geometric grates.

Visit to learn more about the commercial and traditional RISE™ Design Expression and explore the modern, minimalist NOIR™ Design Expression from JennAir® offering divergent design styles for high end kitchens. Choose from high end refrigerators, high end ranges, built-in refrigeration, high end wall ovens, high end 60cm Urban Living and small spaces appliances, and high end undercounter refrigeration appliances including beverage centers, wine cellars, ice machines and more.

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