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MRM Will Showcase Variety of Flooring

Selections include luxury vinyl plank, hardwood, and luxury vinyl tile.

Cement floor lifestyle

As Mark and Mina Fies considered the Reston, Va., house that is now the 2021 Model ReModel, they decided the home would have a dual mission. Not only would it be the couple’s “forever home,” as Mina calls it, but it would also serve as a showcase for their remodeling business, Synergy Design & Construction, and the different products available to their clients.

They kept that perspective in mind with their flooring choices, such as the luxury vinyl tile in cement silver, above, in the laundry room. See the selections outlined below.

Living room and kitchen flooring: Luxury vinyl plank

Mark and Mina picked COREtec’s luxury vinyl plank to use on their main level for several reasons. First, “It works very well over concrete,” says Mark. “Although there is typically some concrete prepping, the luxury vinyl plank seems to do a better job covering imperfections in concrete, and our main level is on a concrete slab.” Second, the flooring offered durability. “This was important to us because we will be using our main level to do a lot of entertaining, and it will get a lot of traffic in the coming years,” Mina says. Third, the product is easy to install. Lastly, they saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate a product that may not be familiar to homeowners. “We wanted to be able to showcase this option to potential clients who will be touring the home,” Mina says. 

Model ReModel CoreTec LVP

The Model ReModel will use COREtec’s luxury vinyl planks in highland oak on the main level. The product is made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC, which makes the flooring 100 percent waterproof, according to the manufacturer.

Primary suite, hallways, and upper bedrooms: Engineered hardwood

In the primary suite, Mark and Mina decided to switch up their flooring choices. In the sitting area, the couple selected Duchateau’s prefinished engineered hardwoodwhich will also be installed in the Model ReModel’s hallways and upper bedrooms. 

“Unlike the main level, we weren’t as concerned about foot traffic, so we opted for hardwood,” Mina says. “We chose engineered versus solid hardwood because it was more affordable, we knew we wouldn’t need to be refinishing these floors anytime soon, and we wanted to showcase the difference between engineered flooring and the luxury vinyl planks on the lower level.”

They ordered prefinished flooring, which will save Synergy crews the time and hassle of finishing the flooring on the job site.

In the primary bedroom, though, Mark and Mina have opted for the coziness of wall-to-wall carpet. “A large area rug over hardwood just didn’t seem like it would have the same effect of signaling to your mind and body that it’s time to rest,” says Mina, who draws on principles of feng shui in her designs. 

Vernal Olde Bern Flooring

Duchateau’s Vernal Old Bern engineered hardwood flooring in engineered European oak will be installed in the primary suite’s sitting room. 

Laundry room flooring: Luxury vinyl tile

In the upstairs laundry room, Mark and Mina have also opted for practicality. Luxury vinyl tile by Mosaic Tile Co. promises an easy installation and durability at an affordable price, the remodelers say, and it also offers the chance to show potential Synergy clients another flooring option for their own remodels. 

cement silver flooring

This 12” x 24” luxury vinyl tile in cement silver will be installed in the new laundry room. The product is comfortable to walk on and absorbs sound, according to the manufacturer.

Follow along with more Model ReModel updates, including the team's trip to the Ferguson showroom!

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