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Crew Demolishes Shelving, Flooring in Bedroom Suite

You will never guess what Synergy found behind the built-in shelving. 

MRM Office removal

When you’re updating multiple floors of a 1969 home, there’s going to be a lot of demolition.

That’s definitely the case at the Model ReModel in Reston, Va., where crews have been tearing out walls, flooring, and built-ins. Here’s an overview of what has been happening.

Goodbye, Wood Paneling

In the second-floor bedroom, crews are removing the dated wood paneling. This room will become an office and a third bedroom after the renovation. 

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Sitting Area Surprise

In the primary bedroom sitting area, crews have also been busy with demo work. But they--and homeowners Mark and Mina Fies--got a quirky surprise when they ripped out the built-in bookshelves.

Crews remove the built-in shelving in the sitting room. 

What they discovered behind the bookshelves was a cork-based wallcovering made to resemble tree bark. “It must have cost a pretty penny at the time,” Mina says, shaking her head. 

bark behind built-in cabinets

Synergy crews discovered this bark-like wall covering behind the built-ins of the primary sitting area. 

There were no big reveals with the flooring. Crews simply removed the hardwood flooring, which will be replaced with engineered hardwood in the sitting area and carpet in the bedroom. 

The existing hardwood floors will be replaced by engineered hardwood in the sitting room. 

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